Indie artist of the week

The indie band She & Him consists of actress Zooey Deschanel (500 days of summer) & M. Ward, they have a folkie indie feel and at first listen I was a little taken aback the folkie *slash* 50’s-60’s elevator tone they have is something that I’ve only heard on the hit show Mad Men and although I do love the smokey feeling of the 50’s with a poppy twist this was a little surprising because of the different ranges of genres projecting out of Zooey Deschanel’s voice. Her voice is so elegant to say the least. She has a classy janis joplin backdrop with the music at some point with a mixture of billie holliday its unbelievable when you are listening to her that it is one person singing this song. A lot of these many mixtures of talent vocal feels can be contributing to M.Ward and his musician capability and mixing quality and the collision of these two into a duo is the best I’ve seen in indie music..ever to be honest. A lot of the songs have different feels, but, my cup of tea is the the billie estc tones.

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