The Kids Are Alright

Yesterday I was able to finally see The Kids Are Alright. Mind you I had to travel all the way downtown because it was only playing in that select theatre (then I found out it would be coming to the theatre near me this weekend, but let’s not go there). The buzz around Kids has been growing so much lately that I had to see it, and for me it lived up to my expectations. The Kids Are Alright is a small, smart and very sexy movie about family. Sexy and family do not usually go together but thanks to some certain sex scenes, the theatre got a little hot. Too much? Maybe. Kids script is good and the movie itself is very good but it’s core strength is in it’s acting. Annette Benning is beyond words in this movie. Her performance is so pitch perfect and authentic. I don’t buy when actors cry unless it’s well done and when she breaks down near the end of the film, I have never been so sold on a performance. It felt like my parents arguing or me and my friends arguing, it was very raw and while I didn’t shed a tear myself I was very moved. Do not be surprised to see her name during the Globes, SAGs and Oscars and if its not, she will be robbed. The rest of the cast is solid as well (Moore should get a supporting actress nod, though her and Benning could switch. Ruffalo was stellar as well).

Both my friends, one who came with me and the other who had seen it, asked me why it’s only playing in one theatre. I responded by saying its because the film is in limited… but also because lesbians scare people. Those words are harsh but it is the truth. Not faux lesbians but authentic lesbians that we are friends with and see everyday. The unfortunate truth of the matter is that women or audiences would rather see Sarah Jessica Parker and co. walk around in shoes to high for them and pretty dress for 2 and 1/2 hours then see a movie with a smart script and brilliant acting – because the characters aren’t wearing designer dresses. It is the unfortunate truth. I have this friend of mine who said to me recently “I hated Juno. Ellen Page is so ugly, why does she dress like a lesbian. She probably is one” Her sexuality is unimportant and really doesn’t matter. The problem is that this “friend” doesn’t like her because she doesn’t have fake blonde hair, a tan and walk around in dresses and heals everyday and this is what society has become. Kids tells people to f&ck off and shows the modern family and it’s good and bad moments. It shows how hard marriage is, how are life is, finding yourself, creating your path. See this movie, please.

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