Weekend Forecast

This weekend comes a slew of new releases, all differing in genre’s and levels of excitement. First we have the high anticipated, long-awaited sequel to defining american film… Cats & Dogs, Cats & Dogs: The Revenge Of Kitty Galore. I mean… I thought this year was going to be the year of the sequel in which Hollywood waited more or less than a decade (or two) and they would all be excellent. I mean we have Toy Story 3 that critics and audiences loved. We have Tron: Legacy which has amounted so much buzz from Comic-Con last weekend that it’s on everyone’s radar, and the buzz is good. Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps which debuted at Cannes and while it got delayed (which is not always the best sign) the buzz from there was also good. But then they spew out this nonsense. I’m sad though because Kitty Galore is such an awesome villain’s name too, that it’s just a waste. Reviews wise this won’t do well, unless it surprises but judging from the trailer I’ve throw-up better quality entertainment.

Next we have Dinner for Schmucks, a remake of a french film. Reviews have been good for far, which to me is quite surprising because when I first saw this trailer I didn’t know what to make of this mess. I mean, it looks… and I hate using this term… but so stupid. But, the reviews have me intrigued and it could be worth a good laugh. One can never really go wrong with Steve Carrell and Paul Rudd.

Lastly we have the newest Zac Efron film which looks like Nichlos Spark peed all over it, Charlie St. Cloud. The trailers have been good and advertising has been strong. Insides are lowballing its weekend prediction with low teen numbers (around $12 million) but the HSM fan base is strong and Zac Efron has really made a name for himself, and is picking good projects. I feel as though this will surprise this weekend. There hasn’t been a female oriented drama in theatres since Dear John (Eclipse doesn’t count because that shit was HILARIOUS!) and while they may all be waiting for Eat, Pray, Love this may beĀ an option. Reviews are slowly trickling in, the first few weren’t good but one, from a top critic allows promise.

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