Thoughts on ‘One Day’

I just finished the book of the summer by David Nicholls, ‘One Day’. I am in love… with the book… and it’s female character Emma Mortley. It is a fiction romance book that has two friends who meet one day every year to get together and catch up. They fight, they love, they like, they laugh, they seek time apart, everything happens and it’s heartbreaking, it’s hilarious, it’s charming, it’s delightful and all of those qualities make this book so absorbing, as is quoted on the cover. I couldn’t stop when I reached half way through, all I kept thinking was “what is going to happen with these two?” and I needed to know more, I wanted to know more. I am partial to fiction books, they need to be delicious or else I get bored quickly. One Day is delicious and more than. The characters are so smartly written that I related to both the leads like they were me. This is a book that, much like that certain song, you will remember when you read it, why you read it, and why you loved it because you will love it. This isn’t some Nicholas Sparks shit about the same girl/guy contraption just in a different city and one of them dies. It’s smart. I cannot find more adjectives to describe this book, well I can, but I must resist. This is the book to read in the remaining weeks of summer, before we get into our dull, schedule work/school lives.  I cannot wait for this film version either, Anne Hathaway is Emma Mortley.

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