Christina… Who?

The poster for ‘Burlesque’ was released and it made me chuckle. At the top the two headlining stars, Cher and Christina Aguilera, but instead of Christina’s full name it says Christina, because… Well I don’t know. Movie posters seem to be the weakest link in a lot of movie marketing, I feel. Not every trailer is great but there is rarely a bad trailer. But there is also rarely a great poster that makes you want to see a movie. I can name the ones that were good that I’ve seen recently: Deathly Hallows and Don’t Be Afraid of The Dark. I’m saying the poster makes or breaks your films future, but who is Christina? I don’t refer to Christina by her first name, like I would with Cher, or more recently, Beyonce. It’s laughable to me that she is on a first name bases, in her first acting role, with audiences. And also, where are the heads on the dancers in the poster?

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