A Reboot I Can Get Behind

Deadline.com has recieved more information on the upcoming Tim Burton ‘Addams Family’ reboot. The problem that I have with the ‘Spider-Man’ reboot is that not enough time has passed, that we’re not in the era of what Spider-Man represented to audiences around 10 years ago when it first came out. Spider-Man 3, while a mess, wasn’t as bad as Batman & Robin, so Batman Begins made sense. Batman Begins was also helmed by Chris Nolan and lead to defining ‘The Dark Knight’.

Tim Burton putting his hands on this specific franchise, that hasn’t been touched in years is really excited, especially since he is getting back to his film routes and making it in stop animation. Deadline also reports that the scribes behind ‘Ed Wood’ so it’ll, hopefully, be true to the vein of Charles Addams original work.

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