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The summer stretch has passed, Katy Perry, Usher, Eminem and Taio Cruz have taken over our radios and now it’s time for things to turn. The last couple of months of the year are upon us which is great news for media because so many new, big things are coming. The biggest albums are about to be released.

Rihanna has been hard at work on her new album and the lead single ‘Cheers’ will be affecting radio very soon. She posted on her twitter that she will be sending the song, or a snippet to Ryan Seacrest’s show in 10 days or so. This is very exciting, I really like Rihanna and I enjoyed Rated R for what it was. Every artists has to have that one album that either flops critically or commercially, or both, just for their expression. She got off her chest what she wanted to say and now it’s time for some lighter material.

Lil Wayne is set to drop his album, The Carter IV, reportedly the day he is released from jail – timely. He is releasing an EP on September 27th and then the album a couple of weeks after that. This is genius marketing. Wayne fans are aggressive about his new material,be it mix tapes, demo’s or actual singles so this should do well and the marketing of it all, well it’s not a bad a idea to release on the day he will undoubtedly get the most press of his career. Lets hope this is more in the vein of The Carter 3 than Rebirth.

Kelly Clarkson has been hard at work in the studio working on her 5th album. It is yet untitled but every so often we get snippets of news from her Twitter. She resurfaced last night to state that she loves the album and that her favorite song so far is ‘You Love Me’. I am a very big Clarkson fan and am very excited for this new album. Kelly has stated that it should be released near the end of the year, which has me hopeful but as Clarkson fans know her and her release dates, we’ll, they don’t have the best relationship. She has also recorded a song with Country singer Jason Aldean for his upcoming album. I wish she would do duets with everyone, so this is very pleasing.

And lastly Lady Gaga premiered a new song that is a ballad last night at her concert St. Paul, Minnesota and the song is called Living On The Radio, listen below.

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