Actors Who Bring In Big Returns

Forbes recently published their annual list of the stars who bring in the most return for their asking price. The list goes as:

1. Shia LaBeouf $81 million. 2. Anne Hathaway $64 million 3. Daniel Radcliffe $31 million 4. Robert Downey Jr $33 million 5. Cate Blanchett $27 million 6. Jennifer Aniston $21 million 7. Meryl Streep $21 million 8. Johnny Depp $18 million 9. Nicholas Cage $17 million 10. Sarah Jessica Parker $17 million.

The list makes a lot of sense, Shia right now is probably, next to Leonardo DiCaprio, Johnny Depp and Brad Pitt one of the most called on actors that any studio wants to attach to their project. (Just go look at Brad Pitt’s IMDB list, he’s attached to everything). Even outside of the Transformers series his movies have all done well and Wall Street: Money Never Sleep doesn’t seem like it’s going to fail either. Anne Hathaway, we’ll she could be in Vampire Sucks and then I’d probably see it – she attatchs herself to great projects and hasn’t had a real flop excluding Passengers, but no one saw that so it doesn’t count. Daniel Radcliffe, well all he has been in are the Harry Potter movie so that isn’t entirely fair – take him out of that and put him into a film and it will probably fair as well as Robert Pattison in Remember Me. RDJ can do no wrong right now. Jennifer Aniston, while everyone highly publicizes if her films don’t cross the $100 million dollar mark, they aren’t flops. Marley & Me was a hit, as was He’s Just Not That Into You and The Bounty Hunter (with a multiplier of over 3 which is good). Meryl Streep is on a roll and is one of the biggest movies star on the planet. Same goes for Johnny Depp though his films outside of the Pirates series don’t always fair as well if he isn’t playing an excentric character. As for the last two, Nicholas Cage’s price is low but he has had a lot of flops recently and well, if you put Sarah Jessica Parker in anything besides a Sex And The City movie she doesn’t fair so well.

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