Thoughts On: The Big Bang Theory

I used to love The Big Bang Theory. I would excitedly wait for it every week, to see what this quirky, unique and fresh gang would be up to. The gang is still up to things, but they haven’t moved forward – or backwards –  or done anything really. What has happened to this show? Nothing, and that’s the problem and the reason for it’s success.

Middle American, you know – the folks who have made Two And A Half Men an 8 season type of show, don’t like change. They don’t like –  anything disrupting their silly plots and their grade 7 level of humor. The Big Bang Theory was so fresh in it’s first two seasons and it was nice to see this set of geeks, not fill into stereotypes but be these smart guys who have this weird friendship with themselves and the girl across the hall. It has now stayed the same and while the show is seldomly funny (Mayim Bialik was the only saving grace on last nights terrible premiere) it’s fallen into the sitcom routines. Instead of being fresh like Community, Parks & Recreation and Modern Family it’s become like Two And A Half Men, the most stale “comedy” on TV right now – yet it’s viewership (for both shows) has never been higher. Why? Again, because they keep reworking the same jokes.

For example Sheldon went to Pennys last night and knocked on her door in his routine fashion. It was hysterical the first time. Funny the 5th. Chuckle worthy the 10th and now it’s just repetitive and bothersome as it’s done every episode. Joey didn’t see How You Doin? more than maybe 10 times for all of Friends, because it wasn’t a joke – just his tagline. It’s lost a sense of self this show and is becoming very tired and very sitcom-y which is unfortunate because I used to enjoy this show so much. I will stick with it for an episode or two, but I was disappointed with last nights premiere.

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