Oscars: The Social Network

We’re going to talk Oscars today and while for some you may think it’s far too early for that, it really isn’t. Oscar talk began weeks ago at TIFF and has since died down but it will soon begin again as we reach the end of this year (can you believe 2011 is almost here…).

The Social Network has been getting the type of buzz a obvious Oscar film would garner. Not to take anything away from The Social Network or as it’s more commonly known, The Facebook Movie, but on the outside to those who don’t know it doesn’t look like anything special. I had been hearing earlier this summer from industry people who had seen it that this was the one, this was going to shake up things, that this movie is more than just about Facebook and it’s ready to play for that gold statue.

The trailer itself made me more excited for this film than I could have ever imagined. The trailer is so well crafted that it speaks so well of the film itself. Justin Timberlake being cast kind of detured me a little bit but apparently now people are talking Oscar for him (I hate that line). I don’t believe Justin Timberlake is a good actor but I do love when he shows up on SNL.

A lot of critics are praising the film and of course the incomparable David Fincher but more over they are loving the screenplay by Aaron Sorkin. One critic even went so far as to compare this to being the Citizen Kane of our generation. Now I don’t know wether that is bad or good but it’s certainly prestigious. What I love most about all this buzz and the glowing reviews is that when it comes times for Oscar and lets say it goes so far as actually winning it will be the Facebook movie that won. And of course it’s more than that it’s about greed, power, money and the destruction of one’s mind and relationship over those things but the Academy doesn’t usually support the modern choices. Give them a movie about racism, the war, a 4 hour long period drama or one filled with Hobbits and they’ll be all over you – a movie about a website were “poking” someone is a common term, well I don’t know.

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