Joan Rivers Any Day

This Betty White renaissance that’s taken place in the last year or so has become grating. I mean, I love the broad, she is one of the hardest working women in the business, has timing most young comics can only dream of having. But now she’s in EVERYTHING, and while she was before it’s become so much more evident. And now they are just making her say “modern, or dirty” things because it’s funny… because she’s old. GET IT?! Thing is, Joan Rivers has been in the business just as long and, for me, it’s 10x funnier. She’s not saying dirty things because she’s old, she is saying stellar stand-up that is pretty much the best out there.


She was on Jimmy Fallon last week and her segment was gold. Fallon always laugh, regardless of the quality so don’t go by his manner, but go by how gracious he is to her. She is a God to many comics, both younger or older.

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