The Women Of SNL – Welcome Back (Most Of You)

It makes me sad sometimes that SNL goes through fazes where it’s really, really low on quality. Then, like the late ’90’s and ’00’s, it was just fucking spectacular. Like the later 80’s, it’s when the cast has stars. I don’t see any stars in this cast except for Wigg, who I hope becomes a dramatic actress (she has the chops when she’s not throwing her arms in the air and head back). Abby Elliot might have the chops if they gave her some screen time but that’s it right now except for the ones who already are.

So last night NBC aired The Women Of SNL which was incredible because, for me, the women on this show most of the time have made some of the best sketches to air. Maya Rudolphs Donatella, or Bronx Beat, or the Mom Jeans commercial, the writing has always been the best when there is a strong cast of women, that’s why I miss Phoeler, Dratch, Rudolph and Fey so much. The older girls as well, Julia Louis-Dreyfus is one of the best comedienne’s out there same with Molly Shannon. I love Will Ferrel, Andy Samberg and the other guys but this sketch attached proves my point. This sketch is better than any sketch they’ve done so far in this lackluster season they’ve been having.

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