Jessica Alba > Screenwriters

Jessica Alba spoke to Elle Magazine and said that GOOD actors don’t even look at the scripts unless REALLY necessary! OMG YOU GUYS JESSICA ALBA IS THE BEST ACTRESS EVAH. Do your eyes hurt from rolling into the back of your head too? Ya I know.

Alba got on topic about her current state of work, her resume, and how um… unique… it is and says right now, with her child (it always has to do with their kid) IT’S ONLY ABOUT THE DIRECTORS! That’s it, because in a world with Carey Mulligan, Anne Hathaway, Kristen Stewart, Emily Blunt, Anna Kendrick, Emma Stone, Amanda Seyfried… Jessica Alba, the star of such acclaimed pictures as Into The Blue and the upcoming Spy Kids … 4… now picks and chooses who and what to work with. Oh f*ck off. This is the girl who some how, SOME HOW, made it big from being on Dark Angel? Now she’s a secondary role in Little Fockers. Not the main female lead, a secondary role – not unlike Barbra Streisand. Thing is, Barbra has been working for how long? How acclaimed of an actress is she? Her being a secondary role, with her name – is the point. Jessica Alba, well she was just cast as that role, not because of her name. But remember, SHE CHOSE IT AND DIDN’T USE THE SCRIPT.

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