Oscar Nominations!

Like everyone else obsessed with movies, I dragged my ass our of bed at 8:30 to hear Monique smoothly tell me who has been nominated for the Academy Awards this year. There were no surprises besides the fact that I actually woke up. But this was not a very surprising year in performances – almost all award contenders were raved by critics, have been making the rounds for Awards. It is one of the best years in film that we have had (excluding the first half of the year) I mean, Black Swan, Kings Speech, True Grit, The Fighter, Social Network have all been Box Office hits, with one crossing 100 million, and the others all have fighting chances to do the same.

The only “surprise”, for me, is the double TS3 nomination. I knew it was coming, but I didn’t think they’d go through with it, especially since it is also nominated in Animation. I don’t get it, why split the vote? Tangled should have garnered a nomination as well. It was really a waste of a slot, especially with bloody 10 slots. So, for my predictions, let’s go: Best Picture: Social Network (Kings Speech, steal) Best Actress: Natalie Portman (Annette Benning steal, should be Kidman) Best Actor: Colin Firth (no steal) Best Supporting Actress: Melissa Leo (no steal) Supporting Actor: Christian Bale (no steal) Best Animated Feature: Toy Story 3 (should be How To Train Your Dragon).

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