Snooki For ‘SNL’ !!

I don’t know what has come over me but just as I was working out today a GENIUS thought came into my mind (clearly THIS is what I would be thinking about when working out). ANYWAYS, like Betty White before her – I think it is time we start a movement to have Snooki host SNL. Now, now, hear me out – I dislike the girl, I dislike her show, I dislike that she is famous with no talent what so ever – BUT Lorne is not opposed to the reality stars of today. Paris Hilton hosted SNL once (though Tina Fey didn’t like that one bit) so why can’t Snooki. If this were the case of “who would you rather”, both sexually and for SNL i’d pick Snooki. Are you judging me? I’m judging me too because as I write this the idea gets worse but guys, I think she’d be funny! When I watched the first season of Jersey Shore and wherever else I’ve seen her since the girl gets who and what she is and I think she’d go with whatever the writers throw her way.

Who’s siding with me? SNOOKI FOR SNL 2011!


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