Careless Spending

Rebecca Black, infamous for having a song instructing the public of the days of the week (in particular Friday) and asking the age old question of “which seat should one take?”, is currently recording her follow up debut smash entitled LOL. The days of depth and song meaning seem forgotten.

The rumor is that Black’s mother spent $2,000 to have Rebecca record that singled that now has over 50 million You Tube views. Because of all those views, the week of trending in Trending Topics on Twitter and all the notoriety this awful song gained, someone, somewhere decided that she was bankable enough to garner a “second single”. Wouldn’t her first single need to chart on Billboard to really warrant another one, but I give up on asking questions that matter anymore.

I have absolutely no problem with talent being discovered via You Tube, or My Space, or Facebook, or Craigslist (that’s a different talent right there) and if you are legitmately talented then by all means, but this is spending money without reason. Justin Bieber got his “start” on You Tube and whilst banking on him was risky, it was not as risky as banking on Rebecca Black. Sure her first video and whatever is much more popular and viral than Bieber’s initial ones, but it’s all that for the wrong reasons.

Just go through the comment section on the Friday video. I tend to stray from comment sections on You Tube because it’s generally filled with insane people, but they are too good to pass up. There are more dislike than likes on the video (over 1 million dislikes which has to be some sort of record) and everyone is in agreeance(not a word, should be) the songs popularity is due to it’s awfulness. Again, if the viral talent is warranted then let’s spend money on them, there is so much undiscovered talent out their that the more way of aiding them in their succession, the better. Did the “record producers” of Friday not see the comments? Do they think it’ll pass? Do they think she has talent? I’m not ragging on a 15 year old girl, I’m ragging on this presumptuous little thing who’s mother paid for her to become a You Tube sensation. ┬áIf she could sing, if there were some vein of talent i’d totally understand but they are just producing more and more of this:

Justin Bieber’s flock is dedicated. He is also male. Black’s following is internet losers like me, you and everyone else that watched that video endlessly for it’s hilarity. Is there a fan base for Rebecca Black? I say no.

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