James Wants Speed

There’s so many ways that title can go.

CTV has some details on James Cameron was at CinemaCon tweaking the tits of all his sci-fi enthusiasts at the convention. While discussing the Avatar sequels, he says he has something else up his sleeve. A move so great it will finally improve 3-D imaging.

Theaters have finally introduced digital projection. It’s been around for a year plus, I think (off of the top of my head) but they have not taken over all the screens. Jim says that Avatar will be shot at 48 or 60 frames per second. This speed of filming recuded the effect called strobing that blurs images, especially those in 3-D. Mostly everything has been shot at 24 frames per second.

This is very exciting. Many people may not notice the difference between 24 – 48 but it’s revolutionary. That is a hyperbole I know but it’s true, digital projection is f*cking beautiful and everyone should be using it and doing it.

The boys over at Firstshowing.com ran in Jim in the lobby after his speech and asked him some more on the upcoming revolution of digital visuals. I tweeted them asking if they asked him his thoughts on Titanic 2 and they responded with:

firstshowing @jthecritic Nah we just talked about 3D and aspect ratios and how theaters need to output more light from their projectors.

So that’s exciting. Click their twitter they have more details on what else he said.

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