Here’s An Idea

It was just announced today that DISH network controlled their acquiring of the Blockbuster estate (for a measly $320 million dollars). Not much else was released that we haven’t already heard about the struggling retailer, one that’s faced competition mainly from on-demand companies much like Netflix.

DISH network is apparently a satellite company, which has me assuming that their may be multiple interests here. I haven’t rented in a while because I usually on-demand my movies – they’re the same price, relatively, but no late fees and it’s simpler, reduces the plastic used for rentals and sometimes I’m just lazy okay – but I frequent my Blockbuster every week because I love their previously viewed sales.

I of course don’t know the intent of DISH network to acquire something that could have gone totally extinct by the end of 2012 but they could be planning on turing Blockbuster into an on-demand network, at least this is what I think they should do. Blockbuster is SUCH a recognized brand for the film industry and they need to embrace the on-demand revolution. Not only is it better for the environment by not producing those useless rental cases but, based SIMPLY on their name, they could probably rival and take down Netflix.

I don’t have Netflix and I have no intrest in doing so until they actually add some MOVIES to their choices because they have Bride Wars and like…. The Craft 3, so I’m really good. Blockbuster is beloved by studios and again, with their name and this on-demand revolution, if they were to limit their number of stores to just the ones that are still thriving in given areas (for now) and launch an on-demand program, they could gain back their shares and go on top. This would also be a really great success story and someday a great read, right? Just an idea.


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