SNL Recap: Timberlake, GaGa & A Classic Episode

The season finale of Saturday Night Live was hosted by veteran host (at this point) Justin Timberlake, with musical guest Lady GaGa. Lorne knew what he was doing when signing these two up for this episode and boy did it work (and i’m sure the ratings will be massive). I missed most of the cold open and could not get into it so we’ll skip over that.

The opening monologue was centered around Timberlake declaring he would not sing during this episode and of course, in true SNL monologue fashion, he sang and he sang well. I, like everyone else on the planet, wonder why he hasn’t made a CD in 6 years but let’s not pester him since he’s still trying to craft acting. The monologue was sharp (if overlong), funny, charming, everything. It was fantastic.¬†Then we opened the show with Liquorville which is the sketch outside of the digital shorts that Timberlake is most noted for hosting when he stops by 30 rock. He played opposite Wiig and the two together were fantastic. GaGa joined in at the end and made this sketch a classic, it was, again, sharp, on point, fun and funny. I really enjoyed it and the three of them together.

After that sketch we had the Newscaster sketch where the anchor, played so well by Bill Hader (who appeared in almost every sketch tonight) dies every news report he does. It was one of the slower portions of the night but still funny as always. Following that we had the Digital Short of the night which was another D*ck In A Box song, I don’t remember the title but I think it’s called “It’s Not Gay If It’s In A Three Way”, or something along those lines. Gaga, smartly, was included in this short and the boys were able to top themselves again. It doesn’t have the classic feel to D*ck In A Box, or the Godfather Part 2 feel to Motherlover, but it was still really, really good.

After that GaGa performed a mash up of Edge Of Glory from her newest CD Born This Way, two of the best songs on an otherwise mediocre effort.¬†After that we had Weekend Update which was good and the best part of this weeks edition was Seth’s “Really?!” which centered around Arnold Schwarzenegger. He KILLED that portion of the update. Bradley Cooper stopped by to pimp The Hangover 2 in an otherwise useless Cage’s Corner. Weekend Update was relatively short lived this week but they ended it with Stefon and Seth going on a date.

Returning from Weekend Update the next skit was “What’s My Name”. Timberlake & GaGa were the contestants on this celebrity edition. It was fun and funnier than this usually limp sketch is. GaGa was great but it belonged to Timberlake when the guest who’s name they had to guess was Chris Kirkpatrick from NSYNC. And then after that we had two throw away sketches made better by Timberlake again, they were the Guess This Word skit and then the carnival ride skit were the animatronic figurines come to life. GaGa performed Born This Way, it was an odd performance but at this point that’s normal.

The FINAL sketch of the night was The Barry Gibb Talk Show. I almost lost myself when Timberlake & Fallon were reunited in this CLASSIC sketch. Perfect from start to finish. “I survived the rapture!”. This was maybe my favorite episode of SNL this season, it was fresh, fun, quick, funny and did not drag. Timberlake didn’t disappoint, once again.

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