Thoughts On ‘The Hangover Part II’

When the sequel was announced a year and a bit ago everyone threw their arms in the air and declared it would suck. How could it live up to the highest grossing R rated comedy of ALL TIME? I understood their claims but I held out hope. I mean the sequel was pretty much green lit when WB read the script for the first one which showed strength in the original script, and I like(d) Todd Phillips enough and thought, you know what, it may not be awful and could be the ‘The Godfather Part II’ or ‘X2′ type of quality for a sequel. Then I saw Due Date…

Then I saw the trailer for this…

and THEN the reviews came in and what we received is, essentially, a remake of the first movie. Joke for joke, gag for gag, set up for set up, it is the first movie, just not funny. I saw the first one 3 times in theaters. At the time, I loved that movie. I mean… it came out of NO WHERE and while I don’t find it as funny in retrospect, it’s still pretty hysterical. The raw, originality, raciness to it was nothing new but it went there and it was really an event. This is not an event. This is a paycheck for everyone involved and this is the easiest cash grab I have ever seen for a studio. And Todd Phillips, who has his head in his ass ever since the success of the first one, can suck me off if he thinks critics are being “too hard” on this joke of a movie. F*ck off. I’m getting angrier as I remember this movie and I didn’t even hate it that much.

I don’t need to explain the plot of the movie because if you have seen the first, you’ve seen the second. If you’ve seen Due Date, you’ve seen this movie. And if you’ve seen the trailer, you’ve seen the movie. Let’s go over The Hangover movie checklist, shall we?

- random animal? Check!

- disfigured or missing body part? Check!

- Ridiculous wedding singer? Check!

- Mike Tyson being awful? Check!

- losing one of the characters? Check!

- Almost missing the wedding? Check!

- Alan ruining the trip by f*cking everyone up? Check!

So on and so forth the movie is an identical replica of its ancestor and it’s insulting. It’s insulting because no one tried in this movie (besides Zach who makes it worthwhile) not Todd, not Bradley, not even the monkey. There’s a movie in here somewhere and I don’t mind that a wedding is the catalyst to the series of unfortunate events that follow, that’s fine but… and I can’t stress it enough… it’s the same movie as the first one. There are some laughs, but I pretty much sat stone faced. Maybe the other comedy smash hit of the season, Bridesmaids(which is still selling out weeks later and word-of-mouth from those who’ve seen it is outstanding), exhausted my laugh-o-meter. Or, and more probably, this is just an awful sequel.

The movie moves by pretty quickly. The pacing is excellent and it’s fun in some spots but again, if you’ve seen the trailer, and if you’ve seen the first one, you’ve seen this movie. It’s darker and meaner than the first film and I did like that it WENT there, like the first one, but that was not enough to salvage my already forgone opinion. The movie ends in the same style the first one did which is not funny or as shocking, or as original as the first one. It’s like Todd didn’t even f*cking bother showing up to this. Why? Why not just re-release the first movie? It’s upsetting because it’s feeding into the laziness of studios and the thought that sequels suck. They don’t. There are many great sequels. With straight up comedies it is much harder to do something original and to branch off of something so definitive like the first(I worry about a Bridesmaids sequel). Like with Home Alone 2: Lost In New York, I enjoy that movie but the plot, well, it’s in the title.

A third movie is on it’s way especially after the numbers this movie will pull in on the weekend. No doubt. But please Todd Phillips, get over it. Get over yourself and the first movie, it is not even that great. Due Date was awful and this follows suit. You have talent, you can write and direct a funny movie but this wasn’t enjoy. Enjoy the money though. See Bridesmaids for a third time and not this.

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