‘The Vow’ Trailer

Here is the trailer for the upcoming The Notebook 7.0 The Vow staring Channing Tatum and Rachel McAdams.

Rachel McAdams, for her generation of actresses and her talent has picked some of the best scripts she could have picked for her career: Mean Girls is a comedy classic, Red Eye was an entertaining thriller that was profitable, The Family Stone was also profitable and well received, did some time with a franchise, Sherlock Holmes, and of course began it all, really, with The Notebook. You can also find Rachel McAdams in the $6 bin of your local DVD retailer in The Hot Chick but I think both she, and you, want to forget about that one.

Why then, why… would she resort back to this? It is just another chance at trying to regain the popularity of The Notebook. Let’s talk numbers for a second: when The Notebook was originally released it opened to around $14 million dollars, I think (I’m too busy and don’t feel like checking my numbers so this is off the top of my head). The film then generated incredible word-of-mouth from the droves of women who went to go see it and in turn the film gained incredible legs heading to a $75 million total. Amazing? Well it wasn’t done there. Since being released on DVD it went on to sell about (and don’t quote me but this as it’s from memory and I cannot find a supporting link) 8 million copies. That is absolutely outstanding for this type of film. Studio know the history behind The Notebook so, obviously, they are trying year after year to capitalize on that films success. If so, and don’t yell at me because I love McAdams as much as the next Canadian, but if she keeps making The Notebook but just in different variations, what is the difference between she and Nicholas Cage? Right?

Besides her haircut this does not look too bad, though. It was shot in Toronto over the summer and it also stars Channing Tatum who they’re trying to make into the poor girl’s Ryan Gosling apparently. Whatever, we’ll see how this does when it gets there.

Are we sure this is not based on a Nicholas Sparks book?

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