Borat Catches A Fox

Remember when everyone “worried” for Megan Fox and her career because she got herself booted from the Transformers franchise? Well as I noted two weeks ago and am saying once again today, everything is fine people! Michael Bay has no power in Hollywood and not even Steven Speilberg can halt your career. See, it gets better.

THR is reporting (via @Borys_kit) that Fox has joined Sasha Baron Cohen’s ‘The Dictator’. I know nothing about this upcoming film other than it is obviously a comedy and whatever else THR notes in their article but it just pleases me that she is getting work. A lot of people will and continue to actively hate on Megan Fox because her face has the appearance and feel of a chicken cutlet and throw in the argument that she can’t act. Is she incredible? No, but I think Megan knows that. And after Blake Lively’s Summer Camp Theater style acting in Green Lantern I will actively campaign for Fox come Oscar time (imagine…). This is another solid move on Fox’s part by building her resume back up with a string of strong, supporting roles.

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