Must Watch: ‘Drive’ Red Band Trailer

Drive premiered at Cannes back in April. It was the talk of the festival. We only had a clip from the film but now we have an official trailer and I am in love. Everyone I know – from bloggers to reviewers – have been raving about this film. They have called it the first masterpiece of 2011. Well, f*ck me then.

Drive will be showcased at TIFF 2011. I am very excited to see it because this trailer, unlike Battleship, is not for stupid people. This trailer does not insult me. This trailer makes me care about the characters, about their motives, about the situations they seem to be in. This is what happens when you care about the story and the audience.

Also, note that there are not slutty girls in bikinis with their fake asses prompt towards the camera. Apparently the guidlines for car movies is: slutty girls + muscular guys + little dialogue + obnoxious music + little plot = success. I loved Fast Five because it wasn’t just another dumb car movie. I mean it wasn’t genius, but it knew what it was, it toyed with the conventions of the genre and was able to succeded in entertaining me without insulting my intelligence. Drive seems to be a throw back to the Steve McQueen, James Dean days. The heroin is Carey Mulligan. She is not in Maxim. And you won’t be seeing her in Maxim anytime soon. I think I am going to love this movie.

I care about Drive because it cares about me.

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