Clooney + Gosling + Snappy Writing = ‘Ides Of March’ Trailer

Ryan Gosling will be pulling double duty at TIFF this year with him presenting two films, this and Drive.

Attached is the trailer for the George Clooney directed Ides Of March. George hand picked Gosling for the role so there is a little fun fact for you to harbor in your brain. This has Oscar bait written all over it and it looks really good and I like the trailer along with the cast. I just cannot seem the fathom how in demand Gosling has become so in demand as of late. He made The Notebook, went away. He then made Lars & The Real Girl and Half Nelson and got his Oscar nomination, then went away. And now he is back, full force, with this, Drive & Crazy, Stupid, Love. All of which follow his critically acclaimed film (a film I disliked strongly, but still) Blue Valentine. A long way from Breaker High, huh Ryan?

I can’t wait for this movie although I don’t know if I will see it at TIFF. If I can attend the premiere I will but I have more interest in seeing Drive than this and the last time I saw a political thriller at TIFF, we got Rendition so I don’t want to jinx it.

Also, whatever comeback Marisa Tomei is having it is more than welcomed.

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