Taylor Lautner’s 5 Favourite FIlms

Taylor Lautner sat down with Rotten Tomatoes to discuss his 5 favorite movies. Here the link. Flip through that if you have some time, if not I’ll list them right here but check out his answers for them anyway because it’s gold: Iron Man, The Notebook, Gladiator, Man On Fire, Braveheart. So, what do you get from that list? A couple of things: incase you didn’t know he has a penis, he has generic and cliched favorite films and he’s trying to appeal to everyone. Is this a favorite film list or did him and his publisist put this list together right before? I’m going with the latter because I’m a cynical f-cker.

These could very well be his favorite films but I don’t know anyone who can sit here and tell me why the remake of Man On Fire is their favorite movie. It’s just such a calculated list. Or maybe it’s not, maybe this kid is a f-cking child and never watched a movie made before 1995. I started my film class at school this week, it’s called Film, Television & Society and we’re sitting there discussing film and culture and how film depicts culture and a girl across from me references Mean Girls. Great choice right? A film that truly captures how girls act around one another in a satirical, smart and biting manner. Nope, not for her. First she called it an “older movie” and the class laughed and then she managed to dwindle it down to being a “funny film about bullying”. This generation scares me a lot.

Abduction, Lautner’s new film opens this weekend. I thought it would be decent. I thought it could do well. Well it currently stands at 0% on Rotten Tomatoes and is tracking for around a $15 million opening which is only okay. But, he’s not a star or even a half a star so I don’t know why studios think they can take these franchise actors and throw them into these movies and except the overweight 35 year old virgin cat ladies who love Twilight to show up and watch this.

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