Charlie Sheen Is Coming Back To TV With ‘Anger Management’

It has just been confirmed that the long running rumour Charlie Sheen was trying to sell a pilot based on the Sandler/Nicholson film, Anger Management, has finally come true. FX has bought the series and ordered 10 episodes to start. The series is basely loosed on the aforementioned film and will probably involve a great dose of the real life headlines of Charlie Sheen. It’ll be written and produced by Bruce Helford (The Drew Carrey Show). As a part of there deal FX will also pick up an additional… 90 EPISODES. I don’t understand how this syndication clause will work but all this means to me is MONEY. So, Sheen is of course all over it. All seems very promising right? Well, I think it may just be.

This type of show tends to succeed in two aspects: critical reception and audience viewership. Curb Your Enthusiasm is in it’s 9th season and still as strong as ever and creatively, on fire. This is all thanks to Larry David of course, and for many obvious reasons, Charlie Sheen is NOT Larry David. But, I do think this will work. A show like this, and a show like Curb will work for the following people as well: Whoopi Goldberg, Kathy Griffin and Bill Maher. Whenever those three want to get back to scripted work, this is the route they should go.

FX is also on FIRE right now. This channel has some of the best and most noted shows on television at the moment. American Horror Story, Archer, Wilfred, Sons of Anarchy, etc… all huge hits and shows a lot of people are talking about. So this is another very promising layer to this news. Now, will I watch it? I doubt it. I just don’t care for Sheen. I’ve seen maybe 2 of his films, and have never watched an episode of Two And A Half Men. If they knock this out of the park, maybe I will check it out. I do know for sure though, that if all the stars aline, this should be huge.


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