The Dumb Blonde From ‘The Help’ Is Going To Play Princess Diana

…because if I put Jessica Chastain, some of you would’ve been perplexed.

Who? SHE’S JESSICA F-CKING CHASTAIN, she’s been in everything this year. But actually. Off of the top of my head she’s been in 7 films this year (The Help, The Debt, Take Shelter – which she’s incredible in – The Tree of Life, Texas Killing Fields, Coriolanus). Most of you have probably only seen The Help, The Debt and The Tree of Life but this girl is going to be big. Not just because she was in more films that black guys have been in Kim Kardashian (I’m a part-time comedian, didn’t you know?) but because she’s legit. If you can please go and watch Take Shelter. Not only is it haunting and Michael Shannon is incredible, but so is she. It really solidified her career for me.

Anyways, it was reported yesterday today that Jessica Chastain has been cast as Princess Diana in the biopic Caught In Flight with director Oliver Hirschbiegel. The film will surround Diana’s affair with Dr. Hasnat Kahn.

The plot of the film isn’t really making me hard but I like Chastain for the role. I see the similarities in the jawline, chin and the eyes and the complexion as well. It’s ultimately unnecessary but it’s not a straight up biopic, which is bound to happen eventually. If they ever get those other two Diana-pictures off the ground. I would’ve have pegged Chastain for the Grace Kelly biopic that was announced last week. Watch it go to Reese Witherspoon. Just watch.


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