If Bill Murray Approves…

Entertainment Weekly recently put together their Entertainers Of 2011 list. Daniel Radcliffe was Named #1 and as a Potter fanatic I can’t disagree, but I feel as though Emma Stone (also on the list) should’ve been number one. I know some of you may be going through that phase that happens to certain celebrities when they’re at their peak of success and we begin to hate them. I’ve noticed it’s started to happen to Adele, Ryan Gosling and for those unholy amongst you reading this, Emma Stone. But with the year she had; the hit films, going under the radar, not becoming over exposed and staying genuine and not being Lindsay Lohan, she is the only choice for #1.

Emma Stone is my future wife… and I don’t even believe in marriage. Ya, it’s pretty serious. In the issue, EW had certain celebrities close to the stars – or not close at all – write pieces about those selected. The best-written one is by Meryl Streep on Viola Davis, because her diction is also perfect. Woody Harrelson was chosen to write Emma’s piece and he includes a bit from God himself, Bill Murray:

And as for Bill Murray, he only worked with Emma and me on Zombieland for 24 hours. But at the end of it, he said, ”That Emma is pure gold.” Believe me, it’s a much bigger statement than it sounds like because Bill doesn’t ever say that s---. He was knocked out by her. He really thought the sky was the limit for her — and it absolutely is. We’re just beginning to see what she’s capable of. She’s going to blow people’s minds.

 Woody isn’t kidding. I’ve met Bill Murray. He showed up to the TIFF premiere of that movie he did with Megan Fox and Mickey Rourke in this amazing blue winter vest that announced “I DO NOT GIVE A SHIT”. He only signed paper. He’s amazing. This is Bill Murray. He does not mess around. So what he says about Emma in Entertainment Weekly is the truth, especially coming from him. And yes you’re all invited to the wedding. Just don’t embarrass me, you guys.

In other Emma Stone news: She will be appearing on 30 Rock which almost had me explode the other day. And attached is Emma at last night’s Irrelevant Choice Awards looking fucking stellar in a sick green blazer. She’s going to be around for a lonnnnng time.


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