READ: Jim Rash, The Dean From ‘Community’, Won An Oscar And In Turn We Won Too

The Dean from Community won an Oscar last night. Let’s all soak that in. I knew he was going to win. I think they knew they were going to win, and you know what? Good for them. I enjoyed the script of The Descendants more than the movie itself – or the direction, rather – but it’s a real mind f-ck to see the guy who does this every week win an Oscar. But in that lies the truth and win for us.

No one watches Community. Most of you reading this probably don’t – but you should. But it’s a small little quirky show, and it’s unique and intimate enough that when you see the actors in real life, you feel like someone it’s a real life friend. When I saw Jim Rash get up there last night and win an Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay I was overcome with a lot of joy for the guy. I mean, this is what paying your dues looks like. This guy used to play the principle on a Disney Channel show called Phil Of The Future back in the day and he did some small gigs here and there to pay the rent, and then he went and did Community and gained cult fame and now he’s an Oscar winner. And he comes from The Groundlings (comedy sketch club in L.A) so it’s just nice to see.

BUT the best of it all was when he mocked Angelina Jolie’s Right Leg. Right in front of her. Nothing better. Nothing.

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