WATCH: How To Make A Bit Work And How Not To (Emma Stone FTW)

Every award show there are bits between the presenters. Bits are the little gags they do before they announce the names, or lead to the announcement of the names. This year has been filled with really shitty ones and two really good, really memorable ones (Bridesmaids cast at the SAGs and Felicity Huffman and William H. Macy at the Globes).

Last night there were two bits that stood out. Let’s go with the bad one first, because that’s easier:

What was this? Exactly WHAT? And this is coming from me, a big fan of both so it’s hard for me to sit here and shit on them. I’m not shitting on them exactly, I’m shitting on whoever wrote this. I love RDJ, he is my guy and in my mind we are Best Friends in real life. I love Gwyneth as well (even though no one else does) she is ridiculous and that’s great and she wore a cape and that’s even more awesome. BUT THIS, THIS… thing they did. What the hell was it supposed to do for the audience? It was filled with so many awkward laughs you would’ve thought this was a mediocre sketch on a January Jones hosted Saturday Night Live. AM I RIGHT!? I felt bad for both of them.

And then this, THIS is how you work a skit:

My inner monologue to this skit went a little something like this: Is Emma Stone drunk? Why the f-ck is this bitch waving? Who is she waving at? Oh this is a bit. OH THIS IS FUNNY. Oh, this is really funny. GOOD FOR THEM. GOOD FOR HER. I LOVE YOU, EMMA STONE. 

Emma Stone made Ben Stiller funny for the first time in years. YEARS. I’m convinced she was mocking Anne Hathaway (from when she did her bit with Hugh Jackman when he hosted, and just how Anne is always) and I’m fine with that and it was hilarious and Emma Stone’s name took over Twitter for a full minute with everyone proclaiming their love for her. Even people who I am forced to follow on Twitter and those who I have a strong disdain for and towards, LOVED her. This is the magic of Emma Stone. It’s kind of really hard to hate her, and if you do, you’re not a real human being.

And the final “bit” of the evening was when Cameron Diaz (the fuck happened to her… everything?) and Jennifer Lopez thought they were Joan Rivers and Whoopi Goldberg for a minute and became comedians. (Also: apparently in this clip you can see Jennifer Lopez’s nipple. SO, if you have the time…)

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