READ: How ‘The Hunger Games’ Managed To Get Just About Everything Right

I’m sure you’ve heard already.

The Hunger Games raked in $152 million over the weekend. 3 days. In the middle of March. That is… unheard of. It broke all kinds of records, too: #3 opening weekend of all-time, #1 for a non-sequel, prequel, etc… So, pretty much all anyone did this weekend was go and watch The Hunger Games. I did, did you? Thoughts?

I liked the movie. Even loved in some parts. I thought it was a really solid adaptation. It missed a lot of things from the book, and was too faithful in other parts (why did everyone from the Capitol look like some version of Nicki Minaj?) but overall, I enjoyed it. I didn’t think Josh Hutcherson was weak at all (but admittedly they should’ve cast someone else in the role). The 2nd half is better than the first.

It was fun, it was good and to use a hyperbole for your amusement, Jennifer Lawerance was actually amazing. I know this is probably a bit much but if we could throw the word Oscar around her performance, I’d really like that. Rooney Mara got nominated, why can’t see? She was legit. Carried the movie. ANYWAYS…

While I enjoyed the movie, that is not was impressed me the most. What I absolutely fucking loved about the film was the marketing. It was genius. Let me spell it out for you: G E N I U S. In every sense of that overused word. That is how you market a movie properly when you want to hit every single demographic. If you check the stats, every single demographic showed up. Boys, girls, black, white, young, old, gay, straight….urbody in the club showed UP. And why? BECAUSE THE TRAILERS SHOWED US NOTHING AND EVERYTHING. The TV spots were genius, the trailers gave us everything and made us want more. The campaign was one of the most beautifully orchestrated things I have ever seen. Same goes for 21 Jump Street. As I said last month, and then last year when I first started thinking about how massive this movie MIGHT be, it is all about the marketing. Almost every movie this year – bad or good – has been marketed brilliantly.

The Hunger Games is an event. They made it an event. If you haven’t seen it, you’ve been significantly left out of almost every conversation this Monday morning. I am positive. And now you will want to see it even if you don’t want to see it. With frontloadedness happening more and more, and movies becomming less and less leggy, it takes a lot for box-office #s to impress me. The last time this happened was The Dark Knight… but this isn’t even on that level. Remember when Spider-Man‘s opening weekend was on every single newspaper. That is what this feels like.

EVERYONE wants to go to the movies again because they are making us want to go to the movies again. I love 2012.

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  1. What Stephen brought to my attention is that the only Black character that wasn’t in district 11 was Cinna. Also district 11 was the district to riot. #awkward?

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