READ: Hollywood Is Making A Sequel To ‘Twins’ Because We’re Dumb And They’re Stupid


This news broke yesterday. I honestly thought it was a joke, or an SNL sketch or something that was not real and was intended to make me laugh. But no, this is real news. I don’t really want to get into it but here are the basics: Twins sequels. Called Triplets. With Eddie Murphy as Danny & Arnold’s long lost brother.

Couple of things: are they poor? Is Eddie Murphy f-cking with us at this point? Why? Who? What? When? & How?

Here is the thing though: at the end of the day this is being made for some reason. Now of course almost no one on earth wanted this movie and I’ll say that again, almost no one on earth wanted this movie but… there is an audience out there. Remember when Jon Hamm kept going off on those Kardashian’s and calling them idiots and whatever? Yes, for sure, they are losers and dumb BUT at the end of the day, they are making a product that people keep buying. So, as much as we keep complaining about all this awful stuff that is being produced… people, out there somewhere, keep watching it.

Moreover, we can only complain so much about wanting ORIGINAL and NEW IDEAS in Hollywood. Because there are ORIGINAL and NEW ideas every year. They don’t make them as much as they keep making sequels to those Snow Buddies and Santa Buddies movies but they are being made. We all saw Bridesmaids, of course, but did you go and see The Kids Are Alright? Did you go and see Jeff Who Lives At Home? Paul? The Artist? Shame? Etc… For the most part, no. They make original movies every year, unfortunately they don’t get the release or the attention they deserve. So as much as you and I can sit here and moan and groan about the eventual remake of Scream that I dread every day, people keep going and seeing these things. So, who is at fault?

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