LOOK: The Life Of A Celebrity

First, your favorite thing about How I Met Your Mother is finally on twitter, @CobieSmulders. The whole gang is on there now, right? Imagine if Twitter was around in the 1990s and all our Friends had Twitter. Ahh, technology.

Anyways, can we talk about Cobie for a second? First, her name is wicked. It’s super weird and hippy and her parents were probably quite high when they named her such an interesting name but it works. It works, for me, because it’s so interesting. I think it’s a great name. And I’m really glad she’s having her moment in the spotlight. Everyone else on HIMYM has made it “big” and she waited and waited and then, you know, got cast in The Avengers. Small little movie. Nothing big. A part of me wants to think Joss offered her the role through Hannigan because the friendships formed during Buffy are immortal. I need a life. But honestly, my crush on her is uncontrollable these days and her work on HIMYM these past few seasons (in particular this season) has truly been great.

So, Cobie has been on the press tour/world tour for The Avengers and she tweeted this picture of her room in Florence (Italy). The picture above is the one I’m discussing. Can we note the ceiling? Holy f-ck that ceiling! But what gives me the biggest boner is the space from the floor to the ceiling. I love high ceilings. And really big walls and the fact that it’s draped in that curtain is even better.

Sometimes, I don’t want to imagine what their life is like but other times, you know, this is kind of nice…

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  1. Is it mean that I follow all of them except josh radnor, who is too annoying. ted is the worst, but I guess he’s necessary. love cobie, and she’s really Canadian!!

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