LOOK: Amy & Maya Being Better Than The Rest At 2012 The Comedy Awards

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Note: hover your mouse over the image above because apparently I can do slideshows on here now? Honestly, WordPress is like a Pixar DVD and there are so many easter eggs hidden (that “joke” was for about 5 people in the entire world).

Anyways, last night The 2012 Comedy Awards were held somewhere. Everyone I love and will someday invite to my already infamous Dead or Alive Dinner Party were in attendance. You can head over to to see the entire red carpet from last night, but major shout out to Questlove of The Roots for tweeting up a storm last night. As you can see above, it was a mini SNL reunion for Amy & Maya. What do you think they were discussing? Do you think they were working on another Bronx Beat sketch? I’m pretty sure they were. My friend Big M and I were also admiring this picture. Guys, I just want to be their friend and whatever and I’m totally sane I promise.

BUT how f-cking GOOD does Amy look? Guys, these girls are the prototypes. Young girls, these are the girls you should be idolizing and keeping up with.

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