WATCH (Before It’s Taken Down): Trailer For ‘Les Miserables”

I’d been in a movie all morning when the trailer for Les Miserables premiered online. Don’t you feel like its always like that? You’ll be available for weeks on end for things to premiere but the moment you’re tied up in a THEATRE, they drop the God damn bomb.

The reactions to the trailer on my Twitter feed were very enthusiastic, to say the least. So my expectations had shot right up by the time I’d returned to the the office to watch it. And then I watched it and I was like, “that’s nice”. I had no other reaction towards the trailer. Was I missing something? So I watched it again a few hours later. And then, just now, as I woke up from my nap. And it’s slowly starting to get better and better for me. The song is starting to mean more and more. The more I look at how absolutely EPIC this looks and will be. And how devestating.

I have never read the book, or seen the musical, so I’m judging from a purely cinematic POV and from that, I think it looks good. I think the trailer is smartly done, and I think this could be absolutely MASSIVE. I know we’re still months away but I keep seeing this number, $230 million, in my head, everytime I think about this movie. I don’t know why but bookmark this post and we’ll come back to it when the film is released. This could sweep the Oscars though. TOO SOON, TOO SOON, I know I know.

But how sick of Anne Hathaway are we going to be come January? And you know she’s going after that Best Supporting Actress Oscar with this. As one of her apologists, I’m not ready to hate her on her just yet. But it’s coming.

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  1. I wonder if that’s actually her singing. I think she’s OKAY. I wouldn’t have cast her as cat-woman but hey what do I know? Cobie Smulders could have been cat-woman (maybe). this looks pretty great. Also nice Cavalia advertising, I saw it on Wednesday, t’was amazing

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