MUST WATCH: Trailer for ‘Monsters University’

Simple, affective and everything we’ve come to expect from Pixar. Can’t wait!

The company, though, is at this fascinating crossroads right now. Brave, their latest original film which is set for release this Friday, is currently getting good-great reviews. This film, though, seems to be the company’s first film to get some flack for being “disappointing“, “good but not Pixar good” “it would be a great film if it were a Dreamworks production“. Have they set the bar too high or have audiences, in particular cinefiles and film critics, become too hard to please? It’s both, but I have no time for either excuse, and the particular quote referencing Dreamworks is bullshit because How To Drain Your Dragon and Kung Fu Panda are both excellent animated films.

This is a company that has been so overwhelmingly consistent with their film’s quality that, why not just accept the film if it’s good? Can’t a movie just be good? Does it have to overachieve?

So what happens when Monsters University comes out? “It’s good but it’s no Toy Story 2″ I can see it now!

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