MUST WATCH: Trailer For Sam Raimi’s ‘Oz: The Great & Powerful’

Have you ever tried to watch a just released trailer for a highly anticipated movie half way around the world with really terrible WiFi? If you haven’t you should because it’s a blast.

It took me 5 tries to watch this trailer completely but then when I finally got home I got to watch it in GLORIOUS HD and it’s just beautiful isn’t it? But like I’ve said before, From The Producer of Alice In Wonderland – which, he has a name but we’ve seen this title so many times before that THIS is his new name so from now one we’ll all call him From The Producer of Alice In Wonderland – this is nothing to be surprised about. The man has an eye for visuals, colors, contrasts and the like. Unfortunately, Alice & Snow White were both misguided in their storytelling and direction. Here though, hopefully, Raimi can use him to the best of his abilities while including a strong narrative. It’s a really, really captivating trailer, especially in HD (which, why are we watching trailers in anything but HD? Why is anything but HD even an option?)

But, unlike Snow White & The Huntsman and Alice In Wonderland, there seems to be a strong narrative here. I’ve always found the Oz stories really interesting. Return To Oz is a personal favourite, and if you haven’t seen it, get on that immediately. It’s a classic from Disney’s dark-80’s period and a great, if not preferred, alternative to The Wizard of Oz. And I’m down for this prequel, separate story, whatever the hell it is. Remember when RDJ was up for the role of Oz? I so wish he had taken it, or gotten it, whatever, but he might have been too old. I don’t care for Franco but he looks great in the role and seems like he might deliver a strong performance. And Michelle Williams is spot on and it’s nice to see her in something a little lighter, more fun.

I’m surprised but I’m excited for this. Also, this is being released in March of next year. Ever since 300Alice In Wonderland made a gazillion dollars IN MARCH, March has become just as, if not more important than June or July. Soon enough, March will be the official launching ground for other franchises and the like. I love it. Now, if we could just fix April and August.

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  1. I dunno, both the Snow White and Alice rebbots left a nasty taste in my mouth, so this one has me owrried. Nonetheless I’ll keep my eye on it

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