LOOK: ‘Man of Steel’ Poster From Comic Con

Here is our first official poster for the upcoming Superman reboot, Man of Steel, directed by Zack Snyder. If you’re not familiar with that name, you’re most definitely familiar with his work. Ready to become uneasy very quickly? Dawn of the Dead, 300, Watchmen, That animated movie with those creepy owls & Sucker Punch. Yes, Sucker Punch. I think we can all agree that his work, in the order listed above, has gone from good to mediocre to awful. It’s been a steady decline. I’m a big fan of Dawn of the Dead. It’s a great remake and zombie movie, if you haven’t seen it, watch it! 300 is 300. Watchmen is okay and I’m convinced Sucker Punch tried to kill me.

So, naturally, he’s the man responsible for trying to resurrect the very fragile Superman franchise. Have you guys seen Ted yet? The movies only okay, BUT there is a Superman Returns diss near the end of the movie that almost made me shit my pants it was so f-cking dead on. Just brilliant. Superman Returns really is a mess. It didn’t deliver as big as people thought it was going to at the box office, so a lot is riding on this reboot. A lot is riding on it to be successful. It HAS to be a good movie. Which is weird to say because it would be nice for all movies to be good, but, like, if you’re going to see a Michael Bay movie you’re just hoping for it to be at least mediocre, you know what I mean?

So how about the poster? I don’t know. It’s okay. It’s nice. It’s safe. It’s boring, really. But it’s not a floating head poster and it’s not a poorly photoshopped mess, so, I’ll take it. They also showed a made just for SDCC trailer. It got a lot of good buzz. Check my twitter for all the retweets of everything Con related. The footage was so good it made a fan in the audience cry. Yea, so there’s that. I mean, the nerds enjoyed it but weren’t exploding over it the way they did with the Pacific Rim and Godzilla (!!) footage, but still, very positive feedback. Which is good. The official trailer will be attached to The Dark Knight Rises, but will probably premiere online sometime this week.

But, are we excited for another Superman movie? And I say another because that’s what it feels like. We expect more James Bond films. I’m preparing myself for the eventual reboot of Batman, but when it comes to Superman it just feels like it’s a chore. As much as the title is different, in the vein of The Dark Knight, and it’s alluding to a fresh story, how many times can we see an invincible hero save the world and, you know, not die or get injured? That’s why The Dark Knight series has been so successful. Same with Iron Man. There is a vulnerability there. The humanity of the heroes not being superhuman taps in with the general movie going public unlike Superman who, as a character, is very off putting, for me at least. In the same way Captain America is. You can be a superhuman like Thor and be an enjoyable character and movie, or, you can be like Captain America and both in plot and in presentation be stuck in the past. Immortality isn’t in anymore. Morality is, and that’s where Man of Steel might falter.

If it’s good, I’ll see it but…I’m not excited for this.

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