READ: The Reel Emmy Rundown


The Emmy nominations were announced this morning. I’m not going to link it because you and find it yourself. After sleeping for 9 hours, I woke up in time to watch the televised announcement. I like watching them, but I always miss, like, 45 nominees. I was completely unaware that most of the cast of Modern Family had been nominated, or, any of the hosts of this past season of SNL. But, I’m awake now, so let’s get to it. This is the rundown of the nominations, some predictions, some thoughts on snubs but mostly what you NEED to know. But first, let me get this out of the way because year after year it’s the same reaction:

  • If you are GENUINELY shocked that shows like: Parks & Rec, Community, Cougar Town, and anything of that sort was NOT nominated, you know not a thing about The Emmys.

Got that? Moving forward:

  • They might have well just given Julia Louis-Dreyfus her award when her nomination was announced because no one else stands a chance. I love Zooey (on New GirlĀ that is), I love Amy, Tina and the rest, but the Academy LOVES Seinfeld, LOVES Julia and if she won for Old Christine, she can’t not win for Veep. Trust me, this is more than a lock and if I’m wrong…we’ll I’m wrong, but I won’t be.
  • Though Parks & Rec is usually mentioned beside 30 Rock, I am not surprised it was shut out of mostly everything. This just isn’t the Academy’s show. Not in the slightest. They know how good Amy is, but if The Big Bang Theory is going to keep getting nominated, you can stop dreaming. Plus: this last season (for me) was so God damn uneven, it did not deserve a nomination. Sorry.
  • How is Jon Cryer still getting nominated?
  • I’m so, so, SO happy for Lena Dunham of Girls and Max Greenfield of New Girl. Both great talents, both very deserving.
  • Glee has been completely frozen out. I love it.
  • American Horror Story tied Mad Men with the most nominations at 17. How? Who? What? Who is this show for, anyways? Critics hated it. Fans hated it. Everyone hated it. Oh, that’s right… it made the cover of Entertainment Weekly. There’s why it was nominated.
  • I love Melissa McCarthy, I do, but she is better than Mike & Molly and does not deserve her nomination.
  • She does, however, deserve her nomination for her hosting SNL. Along with Maya Rudolph and Jimmy Fallon, those are my 3 favourite nominations and the most well deserved. I hope Maya takes it.
  • Though Mad Men and Breaking Bad are the most acclaimed and notable shows in the Dramatic category, I feel like Homeland is going to sweep this year. It’s new, it’s fresh, it’s the show everyone forced you to watch and keep your money on Claire Danes to win too.
  • Its between Jon Hamm and Bryan Cranston. It’s literally a toss up.
  • Why are we still talking about Downton Abbey? Even the diehard fans I’ve spoken to, hated the second season. Oh, that’s right, because it made headlines and has British people! I forgot!

And lastly:

  • Emmy snubs never surprise me. And they shouldn’t surprise you. There is so much good television on right now, it’s literally impossible to decide. And here’s the thing, the Academy’s nominations work like this: were you good but also equally buzz worthy? if yes then you apply for a nomination! That’s really what it breaks down to. So, am I upset Casey Rose Wilson of Happy Endings didn’t get nominated? For sure, but I’ve come to accept and remember how these guys work. That’s why Girls was nominated. Was it’s first season uneven? For sure, but it made so many headlines how could you ignore this show? And good headlines, unlike Luck‘s headlines incase anyone was wondering why that one was shut out.


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