WATCH ‘The Big Wedding’ Trailer: The Entire Cast Does What They’ve Been Doing For The Last 5 Years


In 2003 Diane Keaton lit a fire under her career with the fantastic Something’s Gotta Give (if there were ever a movie to define “a Sunday afternoon movie” it would be his movie). A few years ago all anyone could talk about was Katherine Heigl and how she was the next ________ (fill in your America’s Sweetheart there). A few years ago Robin Williams stopped trying. Same goes for Robert De Niro. And, lastly, a few years ago they were trying to make Topher Grace and Amanda Seyfried happen. So, now, they’re all together in what looks to be the most mediocre movie ever. “How is Mandy Moore not in this movie?” is what I said to myself when the trailer finished.

Look, this movie doesn’t appear awful though it by no means looks good and at best it looks mediocre which is, for me, worse than being awful. If you’re a bad movie, at least you have a purpose. If you’re simply just mediocre and you’re barely trying, to me that’s offensive. Sometimes really awful movies are enjoyable, or can be ironically (see: Christmas With The Kranks). But beyond that, the biggest problem here is the cast because in no way shape or form is this inviting any audience to see this movie. “Oh, it’s another Katherine Heigl movie” is what everyone is saying now, even her most loyal, instead of “OH! It’s another Katherine Heigl movie!”. This cast is just a loud, loud groan. Robin Williams has played a priest twice now. Diane Keaton has done this role 45 times in the last 20 years and when she’s good she’s better than the rest but when she is bad (or the movie is bad) she can be grating (see: Because I Said So…or, you know, don’t). And De Niro…De Niro! THE F-CK!

Wait: wasn’t half this cast in one of those Valentine’s/New Year’s Eve Day movies?

And, take a moment to just scroll over the poster with your eyes. Everyone has a different facial expression and mood and I’m so confused yet I can’t stop looking at it.

I’m done.



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