WATCH: The Hilariously Awful Trailer For ‘The Paperboy’



This trailer is amazing. It’s a gift. Today is Christmas.

Those accents!


I completely get the type of tone this movie was going for, but I’ve seen it already and it’s called Black Snake Moan and I loved it. This, this I know I’ll love because it’s going to be amazing and hilarious.

I just wrote about the career of Emma Stone, which is hotter than ever but…what happened to Zac Efron, someone who showed so much promise with 17 Again? Have you seen 17 Again? I actually enjoyed that movie quite a bit. It’s super harmless and funny. Here’s the thing: in that movie, I get why Zac Efron was THE NEXT. He has so much charm, and wit, and can be kind of funny. He was pretty good when he hosted SNL, too. So, the talent is there, I can’t deny that or won’t make fun of it, but it’s the scripts. Who is sending him these scripts? He’s in some weird career limbo. 17 Again was a pretty big box office success, which surprised many and the natural assumption is he’d go on to do more comedies and more romantic comedies to be specific. But then Charlie St. Cloud happened. And then New Year’s Eve happened. And then, while successful though ultimately destroyed by critics, The Lucky One happened. The Lorax was a smart move on his part, but everyone does voice work these days.

Where Emma Stone has proven herself, Zac Efron, I feel, feels he has to still prove himself and I think that has a lot to do with High School Musical. While it made like $506 billion for Disney, it’s not entirely respectable and Zac Efron wants to be the ACTOR. I mean, after this he has At Any Price with Dennis Quaid and Heather Graham, which… don’t get me started. But there is a small, small chance for change! He has Townsies scheduled for release in 2013 though it’s yet to start filming. It’s a buddy comedy with Seth Rogen, and Zac Efron plays a college student and probably smokes some weed. THIS! THIS IS WHERE IT’S AT.

Instead of trying to prove himself as Zac Efront THE ACTOR, he needs to try and appeal to both genders and what better person to do that with than with Seth Rogen. But it might be too late. Why? Because Channing Tatum has become what Zac Efron should have been.


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