WATCH: Trailer For ‘Paranormal Activity 4′


I’m not entirely loving the angle this movie is going for, but I’ll still be there regardless but this post is less about the trailer and more about the franchise.

When the trailer popped online yesterday, Twitter went blew up with opinions. Doesn’t it always? With social media now, everything and everyone’s opinions are so instantaneous. I think Rachel Dratch described it best when she said that Twitter is like walking into a room full of people just yelling at you. It really is. And we’ve all been there: online fights, they’re the worst. That’s why I try to stay neutral most of the time because a Twitter-war can take up the better part of your day. Anyways, my point is, when the trailer popped online you either saw “OMG CAN’T WAIT” or, and my favourite, “OMG I HATE THESE MOVIES THEY’RE SO BORING“.

What is the point? What is the point of yelling either opinion? It’s been 3 movies now and we’re going into our fourth and there will probably, without a doubt, be at least 3 more installments. Opinions are usually valid, though some people should stay away from having any at all. But with this franchise, we get it. You either love these movies or you don’t but it’s always the ones who do not that are the most vocal, right? Like, are you surprised? It’s the same thing every year and YET the ones who HATE the PA movies are ALWAYS the ones who watch them either in theaters or after and ALWAYS have to say “WELL, NO SURPRISE, NEW PA MOVIE SUCKS. STILL SO BORING. NOTHING HAPPENS“.

Here’s where I draw the line though. Love or hate this franchise, it works and it’s fresh. Has a modern horror franchise ever been so well received by critics? I think each movie, or at least the first one and the last one were both well received by critics and, of course, each film has been so, so INSANELY successful. And why? Well, it’s the intrigue, of course. But I also think that this franchise has been really smart with making each movie so very similar, yet keeping it fresh somehow and that’s exciting since horror falls on conventions a lot of the time.

So, I’ll be there opening weekend and I’ll shit my pants like I do every year.


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