READ: Why ‘The Great Gatsby’ Moving To Summer 2013 Is Obviously Not Promising

This morning WB released a statement saying their Christmas Day release, The Great Gatsby In 3D? (I added the question mark because that’s how I say it in real life because…huh?!) has been pushed back to Summer 2013. There was a big uproar about this move. I automatically said that this obviously means the film is a stinker. This was not the most favourable statement, but let me tell you why I believe it.

When the trailer for The Great Gatsby In 3D? was released, almost everyone shit their pants…except for cinephiles. For the muggles, the movie looked amazing. And why wouldn’t it? Classic literature looking all fancy in 3D with Kanye & Jay-Z playing in the background? Well, I mean, you’re just missing the kitchen sink in this recipe to lure in the under 18 demographic. So ya, cinephiles weren’t having it because it smelt a little desperate and appeared to be a little too-Baz overload and some feared the beloved narrative would get lost inbetween the 3D conversion.

So then they move it to summer. WB’s press release states that with careful consideration, this film is so obviously a summer blockbuster that it only made sense. Sorry?

Making and presenting a film as extravagant as this iteration means one thing, and one thing only: Oscar. I mean, with the cast and everything attached, that’s what Baz was going for, right? Because nothing about this film screams summer at all. It seemed like the perfect holiday release. So, if it’s not an Oscar film, and most of us are agreeing it’s not a summer blockbuster (because it’s not) then, what happened here? Are they scared of Django? Would having two Leo movies opening on the same day counter act and split the box office revenue? I don’t know.

Someone said that it’s obvious it got pushed back because Baz takes forever in post. Oh. Oh okay. Look, I’m just going to cut to the chase: I smell a stinker. I’ll repeat myself: with a cast like this, a film like this, based on a novel like that, of such pedigree, you’re going for one thing and one thing only: Oscar. I’m not saying it’s going to be awful, and it could be end up being a modern classic (it won’t) but I am getting a %50 on vibe. Right? And it’s not like you can’t be considered for the Academy Awards if you’re released before September (see: Crash, The Hurt Locker) but it just doesn’t feel right. It’s not like, “OH, this makes sense!” because it doesn’t.

Maybe it’s just me. Maybe I’m being your Debbie Downer… but you don’t move  a movie like this one to Summer. You just don’t.

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