Beyonce, Meet Major Laser

This is the rumored full track demo for Beyonce’s upcoming single, Girls (Who Rule The World) which samples Major Laser. I like it, a lot, even though it’s just the demo so far (it obviously needs some touching up). This may be massive.

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‘The Help’ Trailer

Ah! The newest entry in Hollywood favorite genre, When White People Help The Blacks.

We’ve received the trailer for the somewhat highly anticipated adaptation of the bestseller, ‘The Help’ which stars Emma Stone, Alison Janey and Viola Davis. Great cast, right?

This trailer is okay though. It might be a tough sell but could also do really well. I like Emma Stone in the part and I hope she is good enough in it to receive some buzz and praise. That wig though… I have a rule and it usually applied, bad wig = bad movie. That wig is f*cking awful. So, we’ll see.

‘Thor’, Good?

Swung by Rotten Tomatoes to check up on some early buzz for certain films and um.. ‘Thor’ is getting good reviews, like ‘Thor is actually pretty awesome’ reviews.

You reading this may not be surprised but I for one am because those trailers have done absolutely nothing for me. There is no tracking out for it yet but with 3D I think it can do over $50 million. His character might be a tough sell though. They need to start pushing the TV spots though with this early buzz, get people excited because as a result from the reviews, I am now interested in seeing ‘Thor’.

Julia Louis Finds Justice

Not that she was treated inhumanly but everyone knows ‘Old Christine’ was. News broke yesterday that Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ pilot, Veep, has been picked up for HBO. This is very exciting news. I am a BIG fan of Dreyfus and her old show ‘Old Christine’ – which was really the Cougar Town before Cougar Town – and her comedy styling. She is probably one of the most underrated comediennes of our generation. Hyperbole? Maybe, but whatever, it’s true. I remember I went through the first few seasons of ‘Old Christine’ in a week. So funny.

‘Veep’ is not based on Sarah Palin but it’s pretty much the story of someone in her position. Being on HBO i’m assuming it’ll be less slapstick Julia, which will be a nice change. This show reminds me of ‘Commander And Chief’ which lasted maybe 9 episodes but was outstanding. RIP Geena Davis’ career.


ABC Hates Cougar Town

Cougar Town showrunner Bill Lawerance sat down with THR to talk about the shows return tonight (didn’t know it was back tonight? me neither!) and his “frustations” with the lack of “support” from Disney (I am worried the golden thunder of Walt Disney will strike down and injure me if I don’t air quote the words above).

Cougar Town is the twice-removed cousin of ABC’s thursday night line-up. The Middle, some other show and Modern Family all seem to do well in their time slots but Cougar Town goes up and down in ratings every single week. Why? Well it’s named Cougar Town to start, and 2. well I don’t know why because the shows fantastic and a lot of fun.

Bill Lawerance says that he’s not upset that the show doesn’t get proper promos like “NEXT WEEK AFTER AN ALL NEW MODERN FAMILY” because he says TV doesn’t work like that anymore (which is true) but that it’s not being pushed hard enough (also true).

I think Cougar Town, as a show and a show with that title just won’t find a bigger audience. It’s very unique, very clique-esque, much like it’s step-sister show on NBC, Community, there is a certain fan group for it and it just won’t expand because people are too busy for smart shows.

I really like Cougar Town. It’s not hysterical but it’s A LOT of fun and has really became a much different show than implied from the beginning. It has nothing to do with Couteney Cox going around the town, prowling for younger guys but it’s about this small knit community of friends and it’s really fun and well-written. WATCH IT.

Singer Admits Faults With ‘Superman Returns’

What’s your favorite reboot? Not Superman Returns? Shocking.

In light of the upcoming reboot to the reboot of a reboot (Zack Snyders ‘Man of Steel’) Singer sat down and admitted his qualms with his own Superman movie, Superman Returns. Bryan Singer, most known for starting the X-Men franchise took on Returns. Returns, while loved by critics did not perform well at the box office. It made money, of course, but it was not huge – kind of like how King Kong just did okay which is completely worse than bombing.

Singer admits he put more romance than action in his reboot because he wanted to get back to the glory days of the franchise but audiences weren’t having it. It says something of the audience rather than the content; adding in romance is not a problem in Superhero movies (See: Kick-Ass, X-Men’s). There are many a problem with Singers Superman but again, at the end of the day, it’s Superman himself who is the biggest disservice to the franchise. Who cares about Superman, anymore? In a world of the Dark Knights and new superhero boys coming to the screen, there’s just no room for the boring Superhero classmate.

I didn’t love Superman Returns. I didn’t care for it at all really. It didn’t offend me, it was just whatever. It’s nice to see Singer admitting some faults with his work though.


Thoughts On ‘Scream 4′

This is the review I’ve been waiting to write for so long. So much to get to but let’s start with the bottom line: it’s good, quite good. It’s not amazing, but I didn’t expect it to be. There are flaws, of course, but they are forgivable. Wes Craven gives us, the fans, everything we could have asked for and more. This is a great way to apologize for whatever Scream 3 was.

Scream 4 comes 10 years after the third film in the franchise. Judging by this weekends #’s the franchise is dated and showing it’s age. Why did it gross only $20 million on it’s opening weekend? I don’t know. I’m kind of dumbfounded; there is the R rating working against it but, I mean, this generation’s teens don’t care about Scream. I think. Going into the weekend I thought this has a chance to do really well, and the tracking surely suggested it but like everything else this year so far, tracking has been WAY OFF. This may find legs but the R rating is not helpful. But I think all the other ones were rated R and someone managed to gross over $100 million, give or take, for each so again, I just don’t know.

I’ve been anticipating this movie for the longest time. I love horror movies, I live for Scream, and I live to be in a horror movie, like Scream. Too far? Maybe. Scream is the horror franchise for film enthusiasts like myself and everyone else. If you love Scream, I don’t need to explain why. I don’t find the films scary, I don’t go to see them to be scared, I go because they are insane amounts of fun and always contain the BEST references to itself and films past, present and future. (Note: I’m talking about the Scream films I am ignoring the third movie. What third movie? Exactly). I go because I feel like Wes makes these movies just for me.

Scream 4 was a process. Read any interview Wes or the cast gave, they put a lot of work into this. Maybe it was a little rushed but there is a lot of enthusiasm inside of it. This one gets back to the roots of the original. While I love the sequel, and love it more than the original sometimes, the only thing lacking is that its taken out of what worked for the first one: Sidney’s home, the close knit group of friends, the down. The university and then for the third movie, Hollywood, just takes you out of the claustrophobia of it all. So it’s a back to basics schedule and it works really well.

The plot of this, if you’ve seen the trailers (Note: think you know who the killer is based on the trailers? Don’t. They fuck with your shit and Wes – and this is why I love him – shot the scenes that are in the trailers differently than those that appear in the movie) follows the Scream mantra: we analyze the horror films that have come and gone, and then acknowledge ourselves and then work with whatever movie were on, and how it would work in a franchise. Scream is a movie within a movie within a movie, etc… It is VERY self-aware but not so much so. It acts like a 4th movie, like the reboot that it is and it works so well by doing that. (There is a part of me that kind of think Wes doesn’t hate the mediocre weekend #s because, well its a 4th movie in a franchise, that happens to 4th movies). The OG cast returns (Neve, Couteney and David) and they really solidify the movie. The entire cast is great really and Emma Roberts is outstanding; the first time I’ve bought as becoming a big name some day.

The only problem I have with the movie is the pacing. It’s a bit off, especially in the middle but that third act, THAT THIRD ACT !!, completely  makes up for what’s lost in the consistency. The opening sequences are typical scream and aren’t as “classic” as the first two’s, but they’re really fun and I’m smirking just thinking about them. There are so many moments threw out that I loved but I think, for me, my favorite has to be the scene with Ghostface on the phone and he’s questing Hayden Panitierre on her horror knowledge. Maybe it’s because I got all the answers correct too but I got chills during that scene. It’s poorly constructed in the trailer (on purpose…) but on-screen, works so well.

The film is also really well shot and quite nice to look at. Neve Campbell is great and it was really nice to see her back on the screen. Couteney and David are fantastic as Gale and Dewey, as always. And the small bit actors are great too. Just a really well put together cast. The film, by the end of it, reaches another level outside of horror remakes and reboots and sequels. As i’m sure some of you have read with interviews and reviews, it talks about society and pop culture, then going into fame and social networking. I am tired and it’s another review entirely but it’s really poignant and quite sharp.

The film is getting some great WOM from the people I have spoken to, so I’m hoping it gets some legs but even so, this movie was everything I wanted it to be. If you were hesitant on seeing it because of that third movie we’ve been ignoring this entire time, don’t be, it makes up for it and then some. Should there be a 5th though? My brother asked me this on the way home. And as I exhale while pondering this answer, I am admittedly torn. The fan, the film enthusiast inside of me wants there to be a 5th, of course. Bad or good, I will be at every Scream movie but, for the sake of film, enough is enough. I love sequels, and like Scream 2′s film course scene, they are sometimes better than the originals but, and I’m crediting my brother for this point, no one is “smart enough to come up with an original killer these days. Where is the next Michael Meyers?”. Point well taken. There is no Michael, Jason, or Freddy anymore and there kind of can’t be. Sure those shlocked together remakes did kind of well but audiences, they don’t care. Horror is kind of getting back to the days of the BOO movies, as I said with my Insidious review. We may need to wait a while until we can have a killer again and I think Scream 4 should be the final nail in this franchises coffin.