Midseason Shows Need To Stop

Last night we saw the premiere of what feels like the umpteenth midseason show. ‘Happy Endings’ staring Elisha Cuthbert and some random actors premiered to decent ratings. I actually didn’t mind the premiere but will it last? Time after time, year after year, networks and executives try very hard to make their news co-exist with their old shows. They mold together their dream TV landscape for that year, and within that landscape one or two midseason shows are usually included. We’ve had some great shows debut or premiere during the midseason; ‘Glee’, ‘Parks & Recreation’, ’30 Rock’, ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’, ‘The Simpsons’. A classic TV show can of course appear during a network midseason. Those shows are the exceptions, not the rule.

Matthew Perry, ex-Friend and currently a mid season player is trying to save himself from losing a job. His show ‘Mr. Sunshine’ is not a hit. It’s not even close to being a hit. It was a midseason replacement for Cougar Town, which was kind enough of a show to let this show try to find an audience. The show received mixed reviews from critics but it’s only its first season, it’s yet to find its groove. Since the critical reception is not to blame, then what is? It’s a midseason show, that’s it! That’s all it is. It was given the usual botched treatment ABC gives these shows they seem to hate (see: Samantha Who?, it got ugly).

A show like Mr. Sunshine does not work within 12 episodes. While it may be “sitcommy” and episodic, it needs to grow, like 30 rock or Parks & Recreation. It’s not an obvious hit on paper, like Modern Family. Speaking of Modern Family, that was Mr. Sunshine’s lead in show. Who thought this was a good idea? Nothing (yet) is strong enough to survive behind Modern Family. Cougar Town lives there like the pushed aside cousin in the family photo, and it just kind of works. Sunshine could have survived elsewhere but they just threw it in as some midseason show.

Again a midseason show can work, I provided multiple examples in the first paragraph of this essay and if you are not keeping notes than I give up! In a time where Matthew Perry has taken to Twitter to try and help save his show is just telling of the poor treatment it received. Friends used to get a 25 million audience. Mr. Sunshine’s finale was viewed by 4.6 million people, that puts it into perspective for you. What is the point, I ask at the end of this headache of a rant, of putting all this money, time, star power and work into a show like Mr. Sunshine if you know that it will bomb? I don’t understand. The Simpsons and Buffy were classic shows and in hindsight they of course seemed like a great choice but enough with the botching of shows. I am not even a fan of Mr. Sunshine but stop toying with the emotions of hard-working people…and viewers.

Cox On Letterman

Couteney Cox appeared on Letterman last night in promotion for ‘Scream 4′. The interview made it feel like it was 2003 again.

Her tight ass asian face is giving me the creeps but her body looks GREAT and she gives a really open and fun interview. Cox scares me though because I feel she’s really tightly wound and not in the way Monica was were we would get along greatly in real life.

For All 8 Mandy Moore Fans

She’s coming back to theaters, and in live action and not as the voice of Rapnuzel. Who else isn’t excited?

I’m really hard on Mandy Moore because she seems to never know what she f*cking wants to do with her career. She’s made 45 albums in the last 3 years that all sold a total of maybe 50,000 copies and I think i’m being really generous with that total. She’s also made 84 movies over her career, one more worse than the other. Because I Said So? I’ve never hated Diane Keaton more and she’s a f*cking saviour. That movie. THAT MOVIE was the most grating film experience I think I’ve had. No The Back Up Plan was really bad (see The Back Up Plan if you want to see a sitcom made into a movie. Seriously I think it was filmed on the back lot of where Friends used to film. And it’s so awful. Why did I watch it? I was drugged.). Anyways, never see Because I Said So, because I said so damn it!

Then there was A Walk To Remember where she plays a typical Nicholas Sparks’ character of a woman: someone who is dieing or dating someone who dies or someone dies near them because death is the only sad thing in life and we need tears! Oops spoiler alert. Then there was Saved! which is maybe, off of the top of my head, her only great or good movie. THEN there’s License To Wed which, Jesus Christ, is another Because I Said So and not even Robin Williams could save that bloody mess.

What do you want to be Mandy Moore? A romcom queen or someone who has the film resume equaling a job at Popeyes. I don’t get it. She hates being a popstar and goes against the grain of choosing a great script and now there is this. Love Wedding And Marriage. Is that the title? Because I didn’t even look at it while typing this to make sure I got it correct. I think im close though. SO she’s now resorted to being in a movie with the neanderthal that is Kellan Lutz? What am I supposed to do with him? Can he act? WHO IS KELLAN LUTZ?

I am very angry today, obviously, but who is allowing this shit to get made? And more importantly who is making these type of posters becaue I can only see her shoulders up. Is she wearing a dress? We don’t know because it blends into the background, while Lutz is being pushed off of the poster practically. And it’s directed by someone who think they have the name credit of Drew Barrymore. OH OKAY.

Have you seen the trailer? Here it is for those who like to put pain upon themselves.

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It Feels Like Yesterday…

…that we as a whole were disgusted by James Franco’s hosting abilities at the Oscars for 2011. And now, today, we will slowly begin the buzz to the buzz of the next awards season.

The line up for Cannes 2011 was announced this morning. Opening the festival is ‘Midnight In Paris’ by Woody Allen. Other films in competition for l’grande prize are: The Tree Of Life (Terrance Malick, Brad Pitt) Sleeping Beauty (Julie Leigh, Emily Browning) We Want To Talk About Kevin (Lynne Ramsay, Tilda Swinton) Melancholia (Lars von Trier, Kristen Dunst) and many many others which can be found on the official Cannes website. Films not in competition are The Beaver (Jodie Foster, Mel Gibson) Pirates 4 (Gary Marshall, Johnny Depp) which by the way, as credited on the website, is at a running time of 2 and a half hours! Mmmm so that’s already mistake #1 (all the films are just too damn long! you’re not Inception, it’s not allowed).

I’m excited to see the buzz that comes out of the festival this year.


‘Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes’ Full Teaser

Oh, I really like this. Here we have the FULL teaser trailer for the upcoming reboot, prequel, forthquel, whatever of the Apes series. Frida Pinto EVERYONE! Finally they’re starting their push with her. She will be a big star, cannot wait. Anyways it looks really good and makes me want a Jurassic Park reboot asap.

‘Abduction’ Trailer

Ugh. I hate to say it but this looks good. Nevermind, I don’t HATE to say it because these movies are right up my alley. Disturbia? Hostage? This looks like a mix of both and I am EXCITED.

BUT are we supposed to buy Tom Cruise’s Son Taylor Lautner as the next Jason Bourne? OH OKAY. I’ll put my prick aside just because this is a great f*cking trailer.