Robert Redford Blames The Lack Of Campaign For His Oscar Snub


Robert Redford, who can be seen on the cover of the latest issue of The Hollywood Reporter wearing you grandmother’s favourite knit blanket, was asked at the opening of Sundance about his feelings on not receiving an Oscar nomination this morning (like, how do you think one is going to respond? “I FEEL GREAT!” said no one). He, graciously, said it’s not bothering him, and wants to focus on Sundance. When pressed, he continued on saying “Hollywood is a business, and it’s a very good one, and I have nothing but respect for that…

we had no campaign to help us cross over into the mainstream.” This statement has some of you up in arms because it comes off as though he is disrespecting the film and everything involved. Is he though?


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Everyone Gets An Award! Quick Thoughts On The Golden Globes

Quick thoughts on last night’s Golden Globes:

Tina & Amy: it followed the same blueprint as last year’s, but catered, obviously, to this year’s crop of films. I thought it was incredibly well written and, as always, they performed it spectacularly. When they’re together, especially hosting, it’s so natural it’s almost like they don’t care. That’s how good they are. Best jokes: The Gravity/Clooney one, Julia Louis-Dreyfus bit & the American Hustle/Explosion At The Wig Factory. Oh, also: Tam Honks will have me laughing forever.

Wins: Expected Jennifer Lawrence, did not expect Adams. Don’t think it means anything in regards to Oscars, because Blanchett is still, far and ahead of everyone else, the frontrunner. Same goes for DiCaprio, win doesn’t mean much in the grand scheme of things, maybe he’ll sneak in a nomination. Leto, Blanchett and Lawrence are, for the most part, the only locks right now for Oscars. In regards to Best Picture: I think 12 Years just gained some momentum, but it still has a lot of work to do. Hustle will probably grab the SAG but everything else before that is where it can recover. Right now, I think the Academy might give Best Picture to 12 Years or American Hustle and Best Director to Alfonso Cuaron.

On the TV side: nothing else matters because Amy Poehler finally got the recognition she deserves. It was a good night to be a friend of Lorne Michaels.


How Hollywood Stopped Worrying & Learned To Love January


Typically, January – March was (and for the most part, still is) always seen as a dumping ground for movies. Jan – March and August/beginning of September. These months became less about good films and more about those stinkers they’ve had lingering around for a while. Movies had always done decently at the beginning of the year (Along Came Polly, Just Married, Are We There Yet?) but it wasn’t until Cloverfield in 2008, which opened to $40 million, that Hollywood thought, hey, we could open something that felt like a summer release during the winter months – and it could also be good!


The ‘Gone Girl’ Entertainment Weekly Cover Is Great, Remains Promising


This morning Entertainment Weekly released this week’s cover which features the upcomming Gone Girl adaptation (attached). The cover was shot by David Fincher who is also directing the film. For fans of the book, this is everything. For non-fans, this will become your everything. It’s fantastic, right? This could (should) be the poster I’ve been bitching about EW’s lacking covers, but lately they’ve been picking up.

This is just an image – of course, we’re still far away from a trailer and the movie itself, but it’s all so promising. Not that I was ever worried about Fincher but the casting choices weren’t what I had in mind or wanted, really. But this image has me sold on both Affleck & Rosamund. As for the adaptation itself? Well, apparently Fincher & author of the book Gillian Flynn have been working together on the screenplay and have said it will veer (not completely) from the source material. For fans of the book, or me at least, this is what I wanted to hear because…that ending. And, like, that one part near the end. You know the part. Okay, I’ll stop BUT I hope that is what they’re going to change because that is when a film adaptation of a beloved book can become more successful; when it fixes what it can.

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Why Jennifer Lawrence Will Probably Win Her Second Oscar This Year

When critics, film fans, people in general, discuss the potential Oscar winners, they seem to forget that it’s a game. Much like, say, a school election, or even a political one, it’s never just about the actual quality of the work but how it benefits everyone involved. The campaign element to the Oscars is very real. A few months back, Michael Fassbender was quoted in GQ saying he wants one, sure, but he refuses to campaign. That statement is a campaign motive in itself, a terrible one, but if he had followed it up with lots of press, an apology, or what not, he could very much be a contender.


INTERVIEW: Director Rebecca Cutter Discusses Her Debut Feature Film ‘Besties’


We were able to sit down with Rebecca Cutter, whose first feature film – Besties – which she directed & wrote, is availble On Demand, Amazon Instant, and other digital outlets on January 21st.